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Advertise Property in Bristol

Studentpad and University of UWE Bristol offer agents/landlords one of the quickest and most cost effective method of advertising their property(ies) for let in and around Bristol. Studentpad helps around 1 million students search for accommodation each year. Agents/Landlords can register to advertise student accommodation available within the Bristol area. Once registered, you can start advertising property(ies) on this website.


The cost of advertising properties on UWE Bristol Studentpad is as follows:

Single Adverts (each - 12 Months)£50 Per Property
3-6 Adverts posted online at same time (each - 12 Months)£45 Per Property
7-10 Adverts posted online at same time (each - 12 Months)£40 Per Property
11+ Adverts posted online at same time (each - 12 Months)£35 Per Property
** Adverts must be paid for in one payment and will run for a 12 month duration. All prices quoted above are the cost per single property advertisement.**
Letting Agent Unlimited Properties (12 months)Contact Studentpad
Halls Advertisement (12 months - per hall)£500 Excluding VAT

Letting Agent Advertising Package 1

  • £500.00 Plus VAT - 12 Months
    • Includes uploading unlimited properties via our Data Feed (Rightmove version 3) or individual halls (price per hall)

Letting Agent Advertising Package 2

  • £950.00 Plus VAT - 12 Months
    • uploading unlimited properties via our Data Feed (Rightmove version 3) or individual halls (price per hall) on the results listings
    • And attention grabbing Banner Advert viewable on all pages of our site.

For more information on one of our packages, please contact a member of the team on

Register Online

Whilst registering online by clicking the button below, you will need to upload a copy of your Gas Safe Register certificate (if relevant), or post it to UWE Studentpad (address below) or email it to

Click the button to register online, it’s quick and simple.

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Please note that Advertising Terms & Conditions apply to any contract to advertise your property and that by completing and submitting your details, it will be deemed that you have read and accepted those conditions.

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